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    NUC8i7h*k LED Management



      As soon as AC current is lost or if you unplugged the 19V plug, BIOS forgets the LED settings.


      Is there any possibility to let the LED management software automatically load a specific profile when being started?


      Thanks for any useful hint

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          To manually set LED color you shall enter BIOS settings (press F2 during boot).

          In Advanced->Devices->LED control (relevant for each LED you want manually change the color)

          1. Uncheck (disable) Software Controlled  field

          2. Check Manual – User Defined field

          3. Select desired color

          4. Press F10 followed by "Y" to save the settings and exit to Windows.


          If you are currently control LED colors using LED Manager there is know issue that all LED settings will be erased if the power cable is removed. See the Release Notes: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/27641/eng/LED%20Manager%20for%20Intel%20NUC-Release%20Notes-V1.0.pdf




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            Hi Leon,

            May be there is no issue -- but there simply is a reality. And in reality, settings get lost as soon as the NUC gets totally disconnected.



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              Hello Jen's

              Please read my post above again - I just wrote that there is a known issue with the LED settings. In the mean time, try to set colors manually. May be it will hold the settings better.


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                Hello Leon,


                oh sorry – I thought that the „know“ in „there is know issue“ was a typo / an erratic auto correction of „no“.


                OK then let’s be patient until the issue will be fixed.


                By the way, there is no apostrophe in my name – it is one out of he many many short forms oft he ancient greek „ioannes“ (pretty common in northern Germany). Adding it was a typical auto correction error of Google`s android gboard app...


                Best regards,



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                  Hello Jens,

                  I will try be more clear. What I meant is to tell you that although we know today that Intel acknowledge that if the NUC is disconnected from power, all LED settings are lost (it will be fixed in the future), there is may be some work around for you. Instead to control LED color by software with  LED Manager For Intel NUC, you can do this manually from BIOS.

                  1. Enter BIOS settings by pressing F2 during boot.

                  2. Open Advanced->Devices->LED control

                  3. In LED Zone Control (upper right section), check ALL LED Zone Enable and uncheck Software LED Control Enable

                  4. In LED Control Adjustment (left section) - in each zone select Manual - User Defined (instead of Software Controlled)

                  5. Now you can set manually the color as desired.

                  6. After finishing, press F10, followed by "Y", to save the settings and exit.


                  In the end, I have to point  that I have not verified this procedure since I don't have NUC8i7HVK. Any way, you can try.




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                    I also need this LED manager to automatically load a specific profile when system startup, as I will shutdown all main power to NUC everyday, and willing to maintain software control LED profile. i think it is good to have a auto load specific profile option in the LED Manager 1.11.



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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Hello KennyTai and njotha,


                      Thank you for following this thread and patiently waiting for a solution.


                      I have tested the settings myself and there is no problem. It goes as follows:


                      1 - Please make sure that the BIOS is up-to-date.
                      2 - When up-to-date, change the settings in the BIOS named "Software LED control" (Image as an example attached).
                      3 - Download the software: (If you already have it, please uninstall the one you have right now and then re-install the one provided)




                      4 - Reboot the system and open the software. Change the LED settings as desired and then save the profile.


                      The steps above should keep your settings active, even when the system is disconnected from the power or turned off. I tested it myself by disconnecting the unit from the power outlet from 10 seconds and reconnecting.


                      I hope this helps.


                      David V

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                        Intel Corporation
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                        Hello njotha,

                        I am following up with your case and see that we have not heard back from you.

                        Were you able to try the suggestion mentioned above? 

                        If you need more assistance do not hesitate to reply.

                        David V