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    Problemas con el adaptador de pantalla


      hola, tengo un intel i3 4160 a 3,6 ghz y una tarjeta grafica geforce 7300 gt, quiero usar mis graficos integrados del procesador por que son mejores que mi tarjeta grafica, pero al entrar al Administrador de Dispositivos no aparece mi Adaptador de Pantalla de intel, solo el de NVIDIA, que puedo hacer, les dejo una foto

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          english version: hello, i have an intel i3 4160 at 3,6 ghz and a GeForce 7300 GT, i want to use my integrated graphics of my processor because its better,but when i enter in my Dispositive Manager i cant found Intel HD Graphics on the Display Manager, i dont know what to do since i tried everything, pls help

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            First of all, don't worry about translating; we can do so ourselves.


            When you power on your system, the BIOS checks to see if an add-in graphics card is present. If one is detected, the internal graphics engine will, by default, be disabled. You thus will not see it in Windows.


            Simply power down the system, connect the monitor(s) to the internal graphics connectors, remove the add-in graphics card and power back on.


            When you power back on, the system should boot to Windows using the standard VGA driver. You can then either install the appropriate version of the Intel HD Graphics driver yourself or wait for Windows Update to do this for you. I recommend that you do it.


            Hope this helps,