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    What is the 1334 on board device?


      Hi, Everybody:


                          I have a Desktop PC, with an Intel DG965SS motherboard.   I'm having recently many problems, minidumps, and error reports:

      Información Técnica:
      Stop: 0 x 000000D1 (0 x B8608A85, 0 x  00000002 0 x 00000000, 0 x B8598FFE)
      · GF0003.sys Address B8598FFE Base at B8598000,  Datestamp 443F78a2


      So that, I have been searching and investigating in every place, to try to avoid, this error messages.  I still being without conclusions...So looking  inside BIOS menu...I have found a Device that I can't identify correctly.


      This is de Onboard 1334 that is set how enable.


      Peripheral  Configuration
      Parallel Port <  Enable>
      Mode <ECP>
      Audio <Enable>
      Legacy Front Panel Audio  < Enable>
      On- Board Lan  <Enable>
      OnBoard 1334 <  Enable>


      Could somebody explain me what's exactly this device?

      Could it be relate with all the  problems that I'm having with error blue screens?


      Thank you so much for your help.


      Greetings from Spain, to everybody!!!

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          I did some search on this strange onboard 1334 device, i dont think this device exists.


          I have checked on a couple of Intel (R) Desktop Board like DQ965GF, DG965WH, DQ45CB.

          On all of them, there is the Onboard 1394 instead of Onboard 1334, i think that it is mistake in the bios.


          Try to update the board bios to the latest version 1754.



          How to update bios:


          Note: Recovery method is the best one.


          Even in the bios release notes, it mentions about the device 1394.



          Now regarding your BSOD, which OS is it?

          Have you got the latest drivers for the board (drivers from the website)?

          Have you got the latest Service Pack for the windows?


          Let me know these so that i can help later.


          Kind Regards,



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            Hello again,


            Additionally, 1394 corresponds to firewire.


            This board has got two firewire connector; one on the back panel and the other one from onboard header.

            More information can be ontained from the TPS


            More information on firewire


            Kind Regards,


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              Hi, Rajiv Doolub:


              First of all, I  want to thank you your concern with my problem, and your immediate request. Thank you so much!!

              You had make me laugh, because I thought exactly the same thing.  This is not a mistake, 1334 Onboard device appears in my BIOS on board devices. But it is not the same t 1394 de Firewire port, that appears in the BIOS information too.  (Firewire, is called IEEE 1394 or Ilink too)


              I'm not sure, that this onboard device could be. So I think that could be something about my onboard VGA device, or any BIOS mistake.


              I'm absolutely confused about it, because in the Chipset advanced settings on my BIOS menu, I don't find exactly where are the words that refers to my onboard VGA device. I relate 1334 with it.  Because 1394, is referred in other place in BIOS menu.


              This is a list of BIOS options where I found it.


              Peripheral  Configuration
              Parallel Port <  Enable>
              Mode <ECP>
              Audio <Enable>
              Legacy Front Panel Audio  < Enable>
              On- Board Lan  <Enable>
              Onboard 1334 <  Enable>


              • So, could be a BIOS mistake?
              • I refers 1394 (firewire port) really but BIOS have a wrong number?


                    Answering your questions now:


              • My SO, is Windows XP
              • Yes I have updated all my drivers recently...Because I have formatted mi computer recently too due to my problem with blue errors report screens...To format my HDD was the first thing I have done...
              • I have installed Windows XP service pack 3, and other security updates, too.



              You had make me so happy with your immediately request, thanks, thank you so much.


              Best regards, from Spain...See you soon.


              My message was edited because I don't answer exactly to Rajiv Doolub questions...Sorry  :S

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                Well this is strange. It could be a bios mistake.


                Why dont you post some screenshot of your bios in your next reply?

                It would be good to show where the 1394 is located on your board.


                By the way, what happens if you disable the device 1334? Do you still get the BSOD?


                Can you load the minidump from windows xp as well?


                Kind Regards,


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                  First of all, excuse my delay.


                  Recently, trying to resolve my problem with blue screens and system shutdowns I had formatted my hard disk and this is becase I had lost all minidump reports and logs.


                                      One day, looking for a solution and investigating I discovered that on my Intel®   motherboard an unknown device enable related with my problem.


                                           I can´t find nothing about this device looking all the chips, and references printed on my motherboard surface.

                                           So I think that the Onboard 1334 onboard device should be a perfectly known device but renamed with any other technical name.

                                           Here is the photo where you could see what I'm talking about of;  during all this time.


                                              I think that 1334 is refears to VGA onboard integrated... Could be that?     I say it, because I had had problems with my PCI VGA card.  And I think It could be because I have two VGA cards enabled in my computer. (Integrated motherboard and PCI-e motherboard too)


                  Thank you so much for your help.


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                    Thank you for the screenshot.


                    But where is the one relating to deivce 1334?


                    Kind Regards,


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                      Hello!!!  Rajiv Doolub:


                              I think that the problem surely may be a BIOS mistake, and this is because I have not already installed all the hardware devices which the BSOD was reported as this (blue screens )BSOD causes. Actually, the BIOS menus shows correctly the 1334 device as 1394 firewire port. So I think It could be, how you told me at the beginning of this case.Only a BIOS mistake.


                            I think, to resolve absolutely my problem, should be necesary flash the BIOS again, and repair all the possible BIOS mistakes.


                             I'm so gratefull to you, to pay me attention all this time. For try to help me.

                             That´s very kind of you to be there always helping to every body.


                              Thank you so, so much.

                              My best regards!!!


                      Greetings from Spain!!!

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                        Always happy to be of some help.


                        Note: ISO bios method is also good to try.


                        You just need to burn the iso onto a blank CD and boot the system onto the CD.


                        The main advantage is that it comes with iflash version 1.


                        Otherwise, you can follow on one of my document which i have create recently on how to do the bios update using iflash.




                        All the best,


                        Kind Regards,