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    como conectar bluetooth en windows 10


      Al actualizar a la última versión de windows 10 ha desaparecido bluetooth dice está apagado. Cómo activarlo

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello alg28300,

          As per our translator tool, we understand you're having issues enabling Bluetooth® after updating to the latest Windows® 10 build.

          As always, it's important to make sure that you're using the latest Bluetooth® driver for your adapter.

          In order to better assist you, we would like some more information. Please generate and share a report using the Intel® System Support Utility.

          1. Download the latest Intel® SSU
          2. While connected to your WiFi network, run the scan for "everything."
          3. Save and name the report.

          We look forward to hearing back from you.

          Best regards,
          Carlos A.

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            I had problem with Wireless/Bluetooth immediately after upgrading to 1803 (though, curiously, on only one machine out of 13).


            I fixed this by doing the following:


            1. On separate PC (or this PC if it has Ethernet connection), download latest Bluetooth and Wireless driver packages.
            2. Disconnect NUC from internet.
            3. Completely uninstall the Bluetooth and Wireless packages currently present on the NUC.
            4. Reboot.
            5. Install first the Bluetooth driver package and then the Wireless driver package.
            6. Reboot.
            7. Test.


            Hope this helps you as well,


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              I solved the problem activating the bluetooth in BIOS. I checked BIOS and it was deactivated. Before the update it was activated and working.

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                The Windows installers and upgrade engines, via UEFI, have a very limited ability to affect the BIOS configuration, but this does not include the ability to change the setting of parameters like this. Are you sure you didn't install a BIOS upgrade recently as well?


                Whenever you install a BIOS upgrade, you should always verify that the BIOS configuration was not modified by this upgrade. While every effort is made to keep the configuration the same as it was previously, there are some types of BIOS changes that might preclude this from happening.


                After installing a BIOS upgrade, I always go into BIOS Setup and use F9 to reset the BIOS configuration to defaults. I then go through the configuration and verify that all changes to the defaults that are absolutely necessary are in place. Visual BIOS helps you with this process by highlighting the places where the current configuration differs from the previous configuration. This helps tremendously in locating differences.


                Hope this helps,


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                  Thanks, I installed a Bios upgrade recently and bluetooth upgrade. I have learned for the next time happen BIOS Upgrade