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    Can´t enable drive acceleration




      I wanted to accelerate my secondary hard drive with a 110GB SSD using IRST.
      My OS is on a separate SSD.


      But I don´t get the option the enable acceleration.


      - I have enabled RAID in the BIOS and I have cleaned both the SSD and the HDD. (Updated the BIOS to a version of 4 april 2018)
      - I formated the HDD and let the SSD unallocated (tried both MBR and GUID).

      - I have tried leaving some space unallocated on the HDD qnd the systemdrive.

      - I have tried low level formating the SSD.


      My system specifications:
           - Intel core i7 4790K
           - Asus Maximus VII Impact (Z97 chipset)
           - 3TB Seagate Baracuda HDD
           - 240GB Samsung 840 evo SSD (OS)

           - 110GB Kingston SSD

           - Windows 10 Pro 64bit (clean install)


      Is there any way to be able to accelerate my HDD?


      Thank you in advance,