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    updating image


      The Boot Manager on my Intel Aero Board can't see the USB so I can't opt for boot from USB key. When I open grub shell I can see new appearances when I attach USB but I can't open it.


      The USB is vfat formated, with the intel-aero-image-intel-aero-1.6.1.iso image; the USB is attached by USB 3 hub (together with keyboard and mouse) but I do not know if the hub is OTG - perhaps all USB3 are OTG?


      When I boot the on board Linux (the Linux which came with the board) I can see the same USB stick, using fdisk -f command and I can mount it and later explore the device. I can't see the USB with df command!


      I assume the problem is in the board BIOS setup? What would be the right BIOS setup?