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    Intel RST converted my whole 1TB HDD to a recovery disk


      I just purchased an Acer Predator Helios 300 with windows 10. After starting the laptop, I have set up the windows 10.

      As soon as that process was over and the desktop screen appeared, Inter Rapid Storage Technology asked me to create a recovery drive, I clicked on yes, create one. But that software has converted my whole 1 TB hard disk to a recovery drive, and I'm unable to change its type. Windows is installed in another 128 GB SSD. I have checked all other solutions from the discussions similar to my problem, but nothing worked.

      I checked from the BIOS, the HDD is there, working fine, but I cannot see it in the My Computer, nor in the disk management.



      Then I started a memory diagnostic test, which didn't give any result. Then I tried the following :


      didn't help much...

      And I know it's still there because I can see it in Intel's RST software:



      I also looked for the solution in the INTEL's RST guide, but couldn't find any...

      I want my whole 1 TB drive as a normal storage drive, does not need any recovery drive.

      Please help me