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    Aero will not connect to QGroundControl by the usb 3.0 cable


      I connected a USB 3.0 cable from my laptop running win10 and QGroundControl tels me to connect my aero drone with the usb 3.0 cable that is already connected to it.

      The drone is active and running as it should, i think, because it is connected to a hdmi monitor and i have access to the console, it boots fine.

      As far as I know, the connector on the drone works since I was able to update with the latest .iso (1.6.1) booting directly with a usb 2.0 key and a keyboard hooked to it via a un-powered usb hub connected with a nexxtech USB3.0 OTG adapter..

      Updated the Linux part, the flight controller, not sure about the bios though, lots of stuff happening I didn't catch.

      I'm not versed in linux or a coder/programmer so i just followed the video instructions as best i could, that guy had an accent to cut wood with and talked fast...i might have missed a few things but overall it went fine and got to the same level as the video.

      So I know it is functional.


      With the drone running on its lithium battery and connected from the drone to a Alienware Laptop I tested a couple of different cables:

      1- A brand new RedLink USB 3.0 A Male to Micro B male

      No connection, QGroundControl asks to connect the drone, no error messages or anything that would indicate a problem, it just sits and waits. Lettering is red in the top header, not yellow as some screens i have seen on other threads.

      I cannot update the firmware either since it is waiting for a connection.


      2- A USB 3.0 cable from a Western Digital portable HDD. Same connectors as the redlink and with the same results, no connection, no error messages, it just waits.


      Any idea where the problem might be?