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    Very low FPS on games with Intel hd graphics 5500


      Hello, first of all, sorry for my bad english...


      Well, I have a Inspiron i15-5558-BB10, with the following configs:

      i3 5005U 2GHz

      4GB ram

      1TB HD

      Intel HD graphics 5500


      I like to play some games, so the FPS (frames per second) is a lot relevant to me... The problem is: I have updated my graphic card driver and didn't got a improvement in the quality, playing League of Legends with a 60 FPS dropping to 30 on Very Low configs. I know that has something wrong because once in the past I used a driver from the Intel's site itself and got a huge difference of FPS, playing with 120FPS at better configs easily. The driver was called "FIFA driver" or something like that... Apparently the Intel removed it from the driver download area, I don't know why.

      So, someone knows how to fix it? Could it be another driver problem, besides the graphic card? I'm really despered, because I've been trying to fix it downloading all graphics and everything I found on the internet about.


      P.s.: I have configured my notebook and the graphic card panel to maximum performance, at battery and energy and etc.