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    NUC7i7DNHE - video playback stutters at 1080P or 2160P. Windows 10/Graphics software up to date.


      Good evening. I have purchased/installed the new NUC7i7DNHE w/16 GB Crucial Ram PC4-19200 and 1TB Crucial SSD and OS Windows 10. The Windows software is up to date.

      The video display Intel UHD 620 has driver version The internet connection tests at a solid 59-60 MBbit/s as well.

      Resolutions tested include 1920 x 1080 and 3840 x 2160 at 60 hz.  Software tested include YouTube TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Google Chrome web browser is being used.

      Please let me know where to dive in from here to get this new equipment working smoothly.The image is crisp/sharp, but is not smooth with stutters. The stuttering is more pronounced when the camera pans.

      The same videos will play back smoothly if we take the NUC PC out of the equation.

      For example, if my Smart TV streams the software directly, the playback is smooth. Display used is a LG 65" OLED.

      thank you.

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