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    AC Power Adapter for intel aero drone


      Can you share AC power adapter for intel aero drone and link from where I can purchage. I am searching but didn't found which meet with aero drone requirement.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Bhaskar Trivedi,

          Thank you for your interest in the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone. 

          As stated here https://github.com/intel-aero/meta-intel-aero/wiki/01-About-Intel-Aero, the recommended power adapter specifications are:

          There is no power adapter provided for the Intel Aero Ready to Fly Drone, but you may want to add one if you plan to code for long periods of time and don't want to handle Li-Po batteries on your desk. Recommended power adapter specs:

          • 9V - 16.8V DC at 4A minimum (this covers the voltage ranges for 3S and 4S batteries)
          • 12V DC at 4A is recommended if using for bench testing the motors. Power draw at more than idle may exceed the power adapter specifications
          • cable: The Ready to Fly Drone already has a XT60 male connector intended for the LiPo battery, but the power supply you'll find will mostly have a 5.5mm male barrel jack plug. That's why you'll need to buy or build a XT60 female to jack 5.5 female cable.

          Important: DO NOT CONNECT both a wall adapter & battery at the same time.

          Unfortunately, I cannot advise you which power adapter to buy. There are many examples on the market. 
          You can find more information here: https://github.com/guermonprez/IntelAero1/wiki/01-About-Intel-Aero    look for the topic: Powering the Intel Aero Ready to Fly kit.

          Let me know if this helps.