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    Washed out colors on external monitor


      When I plug my external monitor into my laptop over using a USB C/Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter the colors are washed out. When I'm plugged the built-in HDMI port everything is fine. This doesn't affect the built-in display.


      The major difference between the two configurations appears to be that when I use the built-in port the Nvidia graphics card drives the display, but when I'm running over Thunderbolt the onboard Intel graphics chip is driving the display.


      Now, the really crazy part is that if I open up the Intel Graphics Settings > Display > General Settings and I change any option then immediately hit Cancel it fixes the colors. The next time I reconnect the display or reboot the machine colors will be washed out again.


      I took a quick video with my phone. It's super fuzzy, but you can see that I change the scaling setting from Maintain Display Scaling to Maintain Aspect Ratio, then just click Cancel. The display gets noticeably darker as the colors get fixed.



      I've updated both Intel and Nvidia graphics drivers ( and 397.64 respectively). Tried a different Thunderbolt adapter. Tried playing with the color range in the Intel settings. I've also noticed the Video settings seem to do nothing, so the color range settings probably aren't even taking effect.


      I suspect there's a bug in the Intel driver.


      Laptop: Razer Blade 14" (Late 2017)

      Monitor: ASUS PB277Q

      CPU: i7-7700HQ

      GPU: GTX 1060

      Intel Graphic Driver:

      Nvidia Graphics Driver: 397.64


      I've also attached graphics information from the Intel Graphics Settings.