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    Skylake U or 100 chipset series drivers


      My system:

      Asus K501UX laptop (the motherboard has the same name), i5-6200U 2.30GHz, Hitachi HGST SATA hard drive.


      I'm really struggling to find the right chipset drivers from the Intel download center web page.

      The first problem is that the main page lists anything but the laptops so I have to do a Google search to get into what seems like what I need but still not enough information.

      There is confusion regarding the chipset name because Asus labels it Skylake U premium or 100 series chipset, but then on the Intel download page there is a totally different description.

      So could anyone please explain why:

      • On the main download page there is NO laptop drivers option.
      • What are the right chipset drivers for this laptop?


      Please don't suggest to go to Asus download page because firstly the drivers are old and secondly I think they are just an update but not the full driver.

      Thanks in advance for help.

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          Al Hill

          Get the chipset INF from ASUS.  It is not a driver, but a definition.  It was made for your laptop, and likely has not changed.  So, old is not an issue.


          regarding other drivers, i.e. graphics, you should also get that from ASUS as they may have modified or customized the driver for your laptop.  Using the Intel generic driver can cause problems.


          So, your first line of support, like it or not, is ASUS.



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            I've to give up the idea of installing Windows 7 because it's impossible to find some drivers plus as you said the laptop might require non standard drivers.

            Microsoft has been so skillful by making me hate Windows 10!

            I just got back the laptop from the shop after reinstalling Windows 10 (still under warranty), then I thought to upgrade with the 1709 update and problems again this time with DirectX and the graphic card!

            Thanks for quick help!