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    TPM Firmware update needed for security processor.


      I have an Intel NUC running windows 10, after last updates were applied, it now shows the following message from "Windows defender security settings":


      " A firmware update is needed for your security processor (TPM)."


      The device has no pending updates, I tried clearing the TPM but message comes back up. Visited IFX website but it does not seem like they have a solution or update to download for this issue.


      can someone guide me in the right direction, probably there is a workaround or the message can be dismissed until new updates get pushed (even though the TPM security risk seems to be no joke) below are my computer details:



      Intel NUC  Model NUC5I5MYHE


      TPM Manufacturer: IFX
                Version: 5.40.1971.2
                Specification version: 2.0