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    Connect Realsense D415 to Intel Aero Compute Board


      I would like to connect the Realsense D415 camera to the Intel Aero RTF drone. The drone is setup with Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS. I tried to connect the camera over the micro USB3 port on the board, but all attempts with different cables failed (USB 3 and OTG). I understand that the camera needs a USB3 connection, but this port does not seem to support USB3 devices. A similar problem has already been reported under Aero - USB3 OTG port is functional in USB2 mode only.



      The board has an other port , which supports USB3 devices. This is the one where the Realsense R200 is connected by default. Now I wanted to ask you about the specifications for this USB3 port on the board. Is that a standardized connection? Where could we order such connectors?


      Also the D415 has two different ports. One of them is a standard USB C port. I would also like to know the specifications for the second port. Do you sell any cables to connect over that one? An ideal solution for us would be to connect this second port on the D415 with the small USB 3 supporting port on the Aero board. But any other solution in connecting the camera would be highly appreciated.