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    i9 7920x problems


      hi ya


      this is the message I sent to the Seller :


      New message to: melv1nator

      hi ya


      I think there is a problem with the i9 , I bought 1 asus rampage 6 and it died , got a second one and again it died, just bought a asus x299 prime deluxe , and guess what it died as well , all with the same problems , number one lasted 34 days , number 2 only 14 minutes , and number 3 about 20 minutes .


      my question now is , have You got the original invoice for the i9 since I have to RMA the i9 to Intel for replacement .

      the i9 sits in corsair 900D with a twin water loop ( g.card and cpu are running one each ) all with the appropriate heat sinks by EK ( i9) or bitspower   for the titan x pascal .