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    AC8265 not showing in device manager


      Lenovo e570 20H5009MUS supposed to have AC8265.

      Was Windows 7 upgraded or restored to Windows 10 - original Lenovo software was wiped off.


      No wireless adapter showing in device manager - "show hidden devices" is on.

      Bluetooth is showing there - AC8265 handles both?



      There is no physical wifi radio switch. Installed Lenovo service center and hotkey software. Function key shows only bluetooth on/off. Lenovo's troubleshootier also doesn't see the wireless, nor does Windows network troubleshooter. Took a quick look under laptop, the adapter is present.


      In BIOS, it was enabled; we disabled it then re-enabled it, it didn't help.


      What troubleshooting can we try before invoking warranty support ?