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    About the accuracy of Realsense D415 depth detection between 2.5 and 3 meters



      In my project, I need to detect the depth of the object on the ground of 4 meters width and 2.4 meters height, so I need to hang D415 about 3 meters above the ground.


      It is currently in the testing phase, so I hung it about 2.8 meters high, but the depth it identified was very unstable,and the resolution I use is 1280*720. It often identifies a depth of 2.5 meters to 2.8 meters. 2.8 meters is the depth of the ground.


      So I want to ask if the depth of D415 is more than 2 meters and it's not accurate? Or does it need to be calibrated?


      Pray for a quick reply. Thank you.