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    Processor upgrade ? for Dell Dimension 8200


      I have a 2002 vintage Dell Dimension 8200 that currently has a Dell Dimension motherboard, an Intel 82850 Pentium 4 1.8 GHz processor--478 pin, 400 MHz FSB, [I think it is the Intel eSpec Number SL5VJ].  I have upgraded the RDRAM to 1 GIG and to go further would be $200-300....max is 2 GIG.  I also have Windows XP SP3 on the computer.


      I have found a processor on the Intel website "Processor Spec Finder" that looks like it might work but I need to know before purchasing it.  It is the eSpec Number SL7EY--it is a 2.8 GIG.  The transistor spacing is 0.13 micron vs. 0.18 for the current one and the core stepping is a D1 vs. a D0 for the current one.


      Will this processor work on my system and if so would kind of speed increase should I expect to get.  Dell has told me that I could go to 2.4 GIG but if the 2.8 would work with same heat sink system then I'd like to try it.   My hard drive is an 80 gig IDE that's barely 45% utilized.  I'm just looking to boost the speed without significant $$ outlay.


      Any/all advice appreciated.