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    [Solved] Intel(R) HD Graphics 630, 6-bit color, Windows 10 1803


      Hi guys,


      I am wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction regarding a weird issue that I got with my graphics settings.



      - Computer: Dell OptiPlex 7050 MFF, i7-7700

      - Monitor: Dell U3415W, 3440x1440, mDP

      - Windows 10 1803

      - Intel driver: 2018-04-25,



      I am experiencing poor color depth. Pictures and web sites with gradient color transitions looks very choppy, as if the dolor depth is less than Windows 10's default 32-bit mode. I have verified that this actually seems to be the case according to Windows advanced display settings which reports "Bit depth" as being "6-bit".



      I have connected a Dell Precision 5520, i7-7820HQ (Intel HD 630) to the same monitor, installed with Windows 10 1803, using a driver from 2017. This machine is seemingly reproducing correct color depth. Windows advanced display settings reports "Bit depth" as being "8-bit" and color gradients have a much smoother transition.


      Update: I rolled back the driver version to "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, 2006-06-21, 10.0.17134.1" which did the trick. Colors are much better and the bit depth is now 8-bit however, this version does not seem to support sound via DisplayPort which is required for the built-in monitor speakers to work.



      I ended up installing the same driver version that was Installed on the 5520 and that worked (2017-04-21, It is definitely a driver issue.



      - Are there any known issues with the latest driver?

      - Do anyone else have similar issues using Intel HD 630 graphics card?

      - Will available RAM make a difference since it is shared memory?

      - Could this be a specific issue to OptiPlex machines and its BIOS firmware (the machine is on the latest firmware)?

      - Any other ideas of how to try to solve this annoying problem?