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    Play rosbag on Euclid




      Recently I am trying to play back some rosbag on Euclid (including some rosbag from Internet and recorded with my Euclid).

      Though I can call the cmd "rosbag play XXX.bag" in bash, there is actually no information being published to corresponding rostopics.

      For example, if I call "rostopic list" while playing a rosbag recorded with Euclid scenario "cameras", I do see topics such as /camera/color/image_raw and /camera/depth/image_raw in the list.

      However, if I do "rostopic echo /camera/color/image_raw", nothing came out.  Similarly, I cannot show the raw image with rviz.


      At first I suspect there could be issue with the rosbags.  So I copied the "problematic" rosbag to another ubuntu desktop: now the images are published with no problem at all!

      Also I tried to do "rosbag fix XXX.bag XXX_fixed.bag --force", but with no luck.

      Till now, I feel like it might related to the fact that there is a specific version of ros running on Euclid, which somehow blocks the rostopic such as image_raw being published.  Not sure how to fix or get around with this.


      I wonder if anyone else ran into similar issue these days.  Any hint or suggestion is appreciated!




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello yipuzhao,
          We were reviewing your case but we were not able to reproduce the problem, but we were able to record, play, and get the output of a rosbag successfully.  This is how we did it.

          1. Open the web interface to Euclid by opening a web browser and going to localhost.
          2. Start the Cameras scenarios
          3. Open a terminal window
          4. Type: rosbag record -a --duration=30 -O test.bag /chatter
          5. When the rosbag is done recording turn off the Scenario in the browser.
          6. Open another terminal window
          7. On the first terminal, type rosbag play test.bag
          8. On the second terminal window, type rostopic echo /camera/color/image_raw
          You should see the data output to the screen.
          I hope you find this information helpful.
          Please, let us know if further assistance is required or if we can close this case.
          Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.
          Best regards,

          Josh B.
          Intel Customer Support

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            Hi Josh,


            Thank you for the detailed explanation.  I ended up restart my device today and try play some newly grabbed rosbags; it works perfectly.

            I guess the problem is on the old rosbags that I used. 

            Anyway, thank you again!

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              Hello yipuzhao,

              Thank you for your reply.
              We are glad to hear that you were able to solve your issue.
              As per your consent, this case is now closed.

              If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
              Contact Support:
              Important note: Should further assistance or clarification be required, we will greatly appreciate if you reply to this email instead of writing a new one, unless your inquiry is completely unrelated. This way we will prevent generating duplicate emails or case numbers and we will not lose the train of thought.

              Best regards,
              Josh B.
              Intel Customer Support