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    Intel Unite Client 3.3.2 breaks the Edge Browser on 1803


      When my laptop and desktop upgraded from Windows 10 x64 1709 to 1803, both systems had the same problem, the Edge Browser would open, become immediately unresponsive, display nothing and then some minutes later crash and exit.


      I checked other users within the office and no-one else had this problem. In fact 1803 fixed many Edge problems that others users had experienced since the very first release of Windows 10!


      I tried every known remedy to fix Edge (there are lots!) but without success. So I decided to do a clean install of 1803 on both devices. I was pleased to find that Edge worked fine after a clean install. As we are currently testing Intel Unite I was the only user that the client installed on my systems. So I reinstalled it today and then immediately noticed that Edge stopped working and I was back to exactly the same problem that I had before doing the reinstall. I uninstalled the Unite client and Edge started working again.


      So very pleased to identify the problem and fix it relatively easily - but given that all our systems are now updating to 1803, its going to make the adoption of Intel Unite somewhat tricky!


      I suspect many people will blame this issue onMicrosoft and Edge, due to a long history of similar problems with Edge, so users may be slow to make this connection and report it correctly.


      I know its early days for 1803 but are the Unite team aware of this? Is there a workaround? Worst case - how long before we might expect a fix?