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    $100 for your input!


      Date posted: May 14, 2018


      Hello Intel Community Members!


      We are investigating a remodel of all of Intel's communities - software, tech products, FPGA products - and we'd love your input! If you'd like to be part of a small focus group, then read on:


      What we’ll be doing:

      A small focus group to evaluate Intel’s new Community structure. You will be doing an exercise to move forums around into the order that makes the most sense. There's actually 2 exercises but the other is super short.


      Looking for people with this background:

      People that log in to the communities fairly often.


      Time Commitment: 60-75 minutes

      When: Within the next month. We'll find a time that works for most folks.


      Let me know if you're interested!  Limited # of spots. Thanks!

      Mary T.

      Intel Community Manager