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    [Laptop] Discrete GPU  vs  Optimus Technology


      Hi Guys,


      Provided that a 2 laptops have the same specs, the only difference is below:

      Laptop 1: Discrete GPU GTX1060 6gb

      Laptop 2: Intel HD XXXX and GTX1060 6gb  (optimus technology)


      I have read that in Optimus technology when discrete GPU is being use it pass-thru the Intel HD GPU.


      I was wondering if laptops with only discrete GPU will perform better than the laptop with OPTIMUS Technology?  


      Thanks and Cheers.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Vixzel
          Thank you for joining the community.
          Could you provide us with the model and specifications of the laptops?
          Leonardo C.

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            Hi Leonardo,


            Even though I think it is not required for my question please below is the specs:


                                LAPTOP 1                           LAPTOP 2

            CPU            Core i7 7700HQ                   Core i7 7700HQ

            GPU            NVidia GTX1060 6gb           NVidia GTX1060 6gb  and  Intel HD 630 (Optimus Technology)

            RAM            16gb DDR4 2400                 16gb DDR4 2400

            SSD             256gb                                   256gb

            HDD            1TB                                       1TB

            Display        17.3" IPS                              17.3" IPS


            Do you think Laptop 1 will perform better in games than Laptop 2?

            I read that optimus technology passthru Intel HD when using discrete gpu.

            So is my understanding correct that a single gpu will perform better graphics.



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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello Vixzel

              Thank you for your response.
              Looking into the information of the NVIDIA® optimums technology, it gives you an auto switch of graphics deepening on the need of the applications that you are running on the system, for more effective battery power consumption and saving, and by the information find on the Whitepaper (refer to the following link http://www.nvidia.com/object/optimus_technology.html)  you are right regarding that the discrete GPU is handling all the rendering duties, the final image output to the display is still handled by the Intel integrated graphics processor (IGP). In effect, the IGP is only being used as a simple display controller, resulting in a seamless, flicker-free experience with no need to reboot.
              In the case of the laptop running with only the discrete GPU you may have more power consumption and less battery power saving at the time of using the application in your system.
              Being said so, there is no better one, but the best one for you will be the one that better suits all your needs or of the applications that you want to run with.
              Finally, if you need more detailed information our suggestion is to contact directly the laptop/discrete video graphics card.
              Leonardo C.