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    BIOS settings no longer applying


      i7-6700k on Z170 PRO GAMING


      I recently tried the XTU, decided its not for me. After deleting, i went back to bios to fix my oc. Bios is not showing the frequency right. If i set the mulitplier to lets say 44x even with turbo off the Bios still shows the stock 4ghz. Only change i was able to get from all the oc settings is turbo freq, that's only showing up in windows. The voltage can be set to manual in bios, but windows doesn't care. Its getting to the 1.4v mark on harder tasks, that makes me worried. I thought of thermal throttling, but the cpu even at full load stays under 70c.

      Things i tried:
      flashing the BIOS

      reinstalling windows

      clearing the cmos

      checking the manual


      Please if you have any idea on whats going on, let me know.