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    Elitebook screen rotation unplugged


      My elitebook with intel hd3000 while unplugged only rotates 2 ways how to i make it rotate all 4


      the driver while plugged in shows all 4 rotations

      the driver while unplugged only shows 2 (1 portrait mode and 1 landscape mode)


      I would like to be able to rotate all 4 ways and not be tethered to the wall.


      Seems like a Serious design flaw

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          Al Hill

          And, what operating system are you using?


          If Windows 10, you are not supported:

          Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products



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            Yes its win10


            the point is it works as intended and coded to remove portrait and landscape flipped (as in the options are removed from the driver menu) when unplugged.


            im sure its easy to add or edit a registry entry to fix this but i dont know where to look.


            basically it can do it but the program wont let it. 


            when it detects its plugged in all 4 rotation options are there when it detects its unplugged it removes only 2 of the options (flipped options) from the intel graphics control panel, but they remain in the win 10 display settings.


            if i use win 10 display setting it still shows all 4 when i try to use the 2 options not shown (flipped **not shown in the intel panel**) it will rotate to the correct orientation then the intel graphics control panel will rotate it back to one of the 2 orientations not (flipped ***shown in the intel panel*)


            Is it possible to install the driver without the control panel???? that may just fix the problem if win 10 can do it instead of the intel software.

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              Al Hill

              It does not work as intended. 


              And, it is not supported.



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                First off it not being supported doesn't mean it doesn't work.

                Second using the not supported excuse is a cop out yes i understand the manufacture in no capacity will guarantee anything.  THAT IS FINE.


                None of which means it doesn't work as intended I assure you it does.

                The code works the way it was designed!! The design sucks as it does the same intended operation on Win 7 and 8.


                and since win 10 can handle it natively there has to be a way to either slightly alter the control panel, or get rid of it completely

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                  Al Hill

                  The best you can do is to use the driver here:  Microsoft Update Catalog


                  And, cop out or not, there is no support here for Windows 10 and HD 3000 graphics.


                  You can always go back to Windows 7.



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                    Is this not an open community forum.  As it appears you are not an intel customer service rep just someone who keeps saying no support instead of thinking outside the box of different ways to solve the issue.

                    As a pc tech i didn't just wipe away everything and reinstall as you are suggesting i actually diagnosed the problem and i am trying to get the right tool for the job.

                    Maybe i don't have it, maybe it doesn't exist but that's ok i know what the problem is. 

                    Instead of being some one who only reloads at the first sign of a problem.


                    point is the solution even if not supported would be to create a program (like tonnes of people have done with a tablet mode not being detected) to fix the problem thus finding a VIABLE solution.  That's the point of COMMUNITY SUPPORT not just saying you can't do it.

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                      Al Hill

                      There is no development on the HD 3000 graphics.  What you see is what you get.


                      One more thing - you should always use the driver provided by the manufacturer of the device, as they may have made customizations/modifications to the driver for the device.  Using the intel generic driver may cause you to loose functionality.  Of course, HP no longer SUPPORTS this device, so you are back at square one.


                      Face the reality - you need new/newer hardware.



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                        I will admit that Al is being a little on the terse side, but the message that he is providing is correct.


                        Intel does not support Intel HD Graphics 3000 on Windows 10. There simply is no Windows 10 driver package for Intel HD Graphics 3000. If you install Windows 10 on a system with Intel HD Graphics 3000, you will be running on the "compatibility" driver package that was built into the Windows 10 installation package by Microsoft. If you have problems with this package, you need to contact Microsoft for help. When you tell them that you have Intel HD Graphics 3000, Microsoft (if they respond at all; usually they don't), will tell you that this driver package is provided best-effort -- which means that, if it works, great; if it doesn't, oh well. Bottom line, there is no way to modify the package so that it doesn't install the control panel or so that it installs some "slightly modified" control panel - because there simply is no package that we can provide to you.


                        Al and I will shut up now; we've delivered the message and there is no more for us to say. If anyone has any ideas on alternatives, they can chime in and provide them to you. Don't get your hopes up.


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                          I hear what you are saying and i appreciate that but i have in the past found many alternatives for the touchsmart (found a simple app to use accelerometer to control screen orientation it worked marvously) albeit third party programs to bridge the gap as to where the control panel app fails to offer the options wanted.


                          Thank you both for your effort.


                          I was just under the wrong assumption as this being called INTEL community support rather then INTEL Support.  I just assumed users would like to figure out a problem rather then state the obvious.


                          Thank you for the information to the resources as to the drivers available in the end they didnt work but i do thank you for the effort.


                          I will look for third-party or user created apps to take care of this. in the end i will figure out a solution, i just wish i could write code to make a simple app to trick the system to not go in to that mode.


                          Again thanks for the help if i find a solution i will try and post here too.