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    Any working C# example D435 SDK 2 ?


      I am adjusting existing C# code to work also with an Intel Realsense D345.
      I downloaded the .net wrappers from Git.


      But so far i cant get it to work*, my goals are to get 2d data,
      At first I want to retrieve IR later RGB and Depth data (i dont need pointclouds)


      * currently i get strange errors :

      Failed to resolve request. No device found that satisfies all requirements

      rs2_pipeline_start_with_config(pipe:000000001D30D200, config:000000001D30D4C0)

      This could be a result of early SDK release bug, wrong example usage or missing documentation.

      If there is some c# code around just to get the camera data to get started I would be happy.
      Cause converting existing program to C++ is no option for me.

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          Once you have installed RealSense SDK 2.0 to get a file called realsense2.dll, the second stage is to get a file called Intel.RealSense.dll


          You go to the CSharp wrapper page and click on one of the SLN links depending on whether you are using Visual Studio 2015 or visual Studio 2017.


          If you are using Visual Studio 2017, you should first download a file called Net Core 2.X.


          .NET SDKs for Visual Studio








          Clicking on the link should open the file in Visual Studio.  You can then use the CTRL+B key combination to build it.  Visual Studio should now be ready for you to use RealSense scripts with it.


          Have you done all of the stages above, please?

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            Yes i did it all, the solutions dont seam to work, .net core 2.0 is installed.
            I'm using vs2017.

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              The last time I had a case involving the 'satisfy' error, it seemed to be related to the camera being detected as a USB 2 connection instead of USB 3.  Would it be possible to open the RealSense Viewer software and see if the name for your camera that is listed is 'Intel RealSense USB2'.  If it is, this would mean that the camera is operating in a limited-functioning USB 2 mode instead of being treated as a full USB 3.0 camera.


              Error on Unity with D415

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                The viewer didnt show it at all (although i used it yesterday, so i didnt thought of something related to ports).
                It must have been something related to the USB bus, I removed batteries from dev laptop, (something i rarely require to do), restarted clean and it got found.


                Now the capture program does not work, but the asci depth application works.
                Well I got a working starting point now, so lets hope it could spin off all from there.


                As a future suggestion, maybe put more human readable errors in the code, i'm not a big fan of cryptic errors. like "no USB3 connected device found".

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                  I would certainly agree with you about error codes. 


                  Please update us about your findings when you've done more tests.   Good luck!