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    Official license information




      I have bit of a strange question / request for help


      We wan't to use Intel Unite in our company, but beeing part of a bigger corporation we have licens departmet and every bit of software need to be approwed by them, that it's free or we purchase a correct licens.


      Unfortunetly this information need to be formal and official. So information in message on community forum is not enough. Is there any website or pdf on Intel website or some other "official" place with licens regulations for Intel Unite solution. Where it is wrote that Intel Unite Hub/ Enterprise / Clinet ... is free of charge and can be used by any company legally?

      Or maybe You could give me provide e-mail adress to person in Intel to whom they could wrote and get oficial answer like "Yes, all Intel Unite software is avinable to commercial use free of charge" ?



      Thanks You in advance for Your help


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello tadamo,

          Thank you for joining the Intel Community Support.

          Although I am not able to provide you with an email address, please allow me to do further research to find out whether this specific information is available officially. 

          I will get back to you soon. 

          Wanner G. 

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