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    i3 530 with ATI 5670


      I'm using the i3 530 Clarkdale CPU, a BOXDH55HC motherboard, and an ATI 5670 GPU. I am getting constant update notifications for an Intel HD Graphics Driver. If I install the driver, the system crashes and Windows repair removes the driver to fix the problem. Is there any way to disable the CPU's integrated graphics so that I do not get these notifications?

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          Yes in BIOS under Advanced > video Configuration > Primary video adapter

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            I had changed that already, to Ext PCIe Graphics. Is that not correct?

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              Yep that should be the one. can you test another graphics cards, possibly an nvidia?

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                I was able to solve the problem. I had to install the Intel driver, reboot in safe mode, and then disable the Intel display adapter through the Windows Device Manager. With the driver installed, I no longer get prompted for updates, and with the display adapter disabled, I don't get system crashes.


                The card is not without other issues though: I lost about 400 MB of usable RAM when I installed it (3.3GB > 2.9GB - I don't know if that's common with GPU's, but I thought it should be the other way around) and I can no longer use sleep mode. I would try an nvidia card, but this is for a HTPC, and nvidia doesn't support streaming of TrueHD and DTS-MA audio.


                I've contacted the card's manufacturer (Saphire) about the other two issues, and am considering a different brand/model card. If you would like, I will post the results.

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                  The usable ram thing is normal, it is to do with memory allocation and what not, if you google it there will be lots of info regarding it. wiht teh sleep issue, sorry i canni help.

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                    I have similar issues with HD5670, BSOD with Intel S3420GPLC/Xeon 3440 combo, did you found any solution?

                    Thanks in advance for your reply.