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    Microsoft brings back Kinect for AI, drone and robotics applications


      Hi everyone,


      Microsoft are bringing back the Kinect camera in a new, smaller form.  Rather than being used for gaming, this new iteration is aimed at AI applications.  With an onboard computer and accelerometer, it may be a useful device for robotics for those who cannot obtain an Intel Euclid any more.




      Introducing Project Kinect for Azure | LinkedIn


      Project Kinect for Azure | Microsoft Azure


      Microsoft has said that the new Kinect will be available next year.


      PC World's online site says that "Microsoft plans to announce a partnership with DJI, the world’s largest drone company, on an SDK for Windows PCs.  The SDK means that Windows users will essentially be able to remote-pilot drones right from their PC, including flight control and real-time data transfer."


      Below is a YouTube video of the section of the Build 2018 keynote address that covers Kinect for Azure.


      kinect for azure - keynote mention - YouTube