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    RX Vega M GH/GL -- HBCC


      Hi folks,


      got my NUC8i7HVK last Friday and had time to check a few things over the weekend. Awesome little gaming device


      The RX Vega GH/GL seems to be more related to the Polaris architecture than to Vega, looking at the compute units (dxcapsviewer; MS SDK). No big deal here.

      However, there were some other features advertised on the Kaby Lake - G slides from January:


      Looking at discrete Vega graphics cards, there is an option within the drivers that allows to address additional main memory to the graphics card via HBCC.

      This option is missing in the current driver release for RX Vega M GH/GL (e.g. Hades Canyon).


      Is there a plan to add an option for this features within the drivers?


      Thanks and regards,