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    Black circles bug in Insurgency and Day of Infamy


      Hi, I have same bug:

      1. Bad visual effects with molotovs and incendiary grenades on Linux :: Insurgency Technical Support

      2. Black circles around AN-M14 fire in the game :: Insurgency Technical Support


      My specs:

      CPU: G3930

      APU: HD610


      That bug exists on Win10 with latest driver (, Win7, and also was in linux (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu). Bug also appears in other game from New World Interactive, Day of Infamy: have a black circles when I shoot from pistols.


      That very old and very annoying bug, please make driver update for that or tell me how to fix that.


      P.S. It Intel's graphics card bug, not game. On other videochips games work without that bug.