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    sr300  does not support face RegisterUser and UnregisterUser



          When I use sr300 and run FaceTracking sample code, I found that it can't do RegisterUser and UnregisterUser operations. So I goin to the code, I see


      case WM_INITDIALOG:


        CheckDlgButton(dialogWindow, IDC_LOCATION, BST_CHECKED);

        CheckDlgButton(dialogWindow, IDC_SCALE, BST_CHECKED);

        CheckDlgButton(dialogWindow, IDC_LANDMARK, BST_CHECKED);

        deviceName = FaceTrackingUtilities::GetCheckedDevice(dialogWindow);

        if (wcsstr(deviceName, L"R200") == NULL && wcsstr(deviceName, L"DS4") == NULL)


        CheckDlgButton(dialogWindow, IDC_POSE, BST_CHECKED);

        CheckDlgButton(dialogWindow, IDC_EXPRESSIONS, BST_UNCHECKED);

        CheckDlgButton(dialogWindow, IDC_RECOGNITION, BST_UNCHECKED);

        CheckDlgButton(dialogWindow, IDC_PULSE, BST_UNCHECKED);

        Button_Enable(GetDlgItem(dialogWindow, ID_REGISTER), false);

        Button_Enable(GetDlgItem(dialogWindow, ID_UNREGISTER), false);



        DisableUnsupportedAlgos(dialogWindow, true);



      is that mean sr300 does't have such functions? Thanks