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    Display going haywire (and other issues)




      Hey guys,

      I just wanted to check if anyone had a solution to this problem: I currently use a Yoga 910 and have the Spring creators update. It seems that after updating to it, my display driver started having these variety of issues... like the video I have attached below (ps... don't judge me by the video . It's like an old TV with no reception!!! And the problems don't end there. Several other apps I have also don't work right. I use Codeblocks to code C++ and the code suggestions don't pop up all of a sudden. My Wi-Fi also appears to get unusually slow sometimes. During general usage, the screen flickers a bit and it appears as if the whole screen changes its position to the left only for a split second. Please help me tackle these issues... I can't deal with this inconvenience anymore. I might as well go back to Windows 7 or something..... at least that appeared to be more stable. Thanks.


      Sahil K.