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    Version mix-up - Intel HD Graphics 440 - Driver & Support Assistant


      Hello - I have been using the Intel Driver & Support Assistant to keep a Lenovo Yoga's Intel drivers updated for sometime and it has worked well. Windows is showing the following versions of the graphics drivers have been updated since 2016 (notice the driver version is 20.19.15.####).




      The screenshot above shows that Windows 10 is running Version 20.19.15xxx of the current driver. The screenshot below shows the Yoga is using an Intel HD Graphics 4400 chipset (DXDiag log is also attached).





      Within the last 2 weeks the Intel Driver & Support Assistant prompted me to update graphics driver (this usually occurs when a new Windows 10 version is released) - a screenshot is below. When I try to upgrade the driver, it fails because the driver version is much lower than the current driver (the Driver & Support Assistant is trying to install this driver Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.40] ) which is listed as version: (2nd screenshot below).


      I have attached a DXDiag log. The graphics on the Yoga are lagging since this mix-up started and I want to get the latest driver installed on this Windows 10 system (running 1709 right now). Can you assist in determining why my system running a 20.### driver is being offered a 15.### version? Thanks!



      20180505-IntelGraphics2.JPG  20180505-IntelGraphics6.JPG