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    New install of R200 software (drivers, applications?) on Windows 7


      Apparently, I'm not using the proper keywords as my searches on Intel's rabbit-hole-warren of websites has led to nothing productive.


      I wish to use the R200 in Windows 7 (or better yet, Debian 9 (stretch)) but Win7 first.  Where, oh where, does one find that <censored> bit of software to install so I can test (play with) the R200 camera, please???  (Can you tell my frustration level so far?)


      Back when I first got it, it didn't work in any version of Linux, with AMD or Intel CPU's that I owned.  Trying again as I have a renewed desire to experiment with it.  So, can anyone point me toward the actual URL for this?


      Also tried to "register" it's serial number on Intel's site.  What a horror of a joke that was.


      Any guidance appreciated, thanks.