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    Complete power failure upon switch to position control mode


      I have just come across seemingly major issue while working with the Ready-to-Fly. I am attempting to get the PX4 position control flight mode working on the RTF and it's causing an instantaneous power shutdown for the entire drone (not just the Aero Flight Controller, the entire system)!

      For some context I am trying to use local_position_estimator app from PX4. Folks I have spoken to in other research groups have had continued problems with the ekf2 app on PX4 so I am trying a different route using local_position_estimator.


      Here is my setup and workflow


      Aero Compute Board:

      - running Ubuntu 16.04

      - setup as desktop workstation, i.e. props removed, wall power as opposed to battery, monitor+keyboard+mouse interface


      Aero Flight Controller:

      - running the px4 build that comes with the drone: /etc/aerofc/px4/nuttx-aerofc-v1-default.px4

      - (note same result if I flash the most recent commit to master on https://github.com/PX4/Firmware)



      1. From Aero Compute Board, access mavlink shell via Aero Compute Board


          cd ~/Firmware/Tools

          python mavlink_shell.py


      2. shutdown ekf2 and startup attitude_estimator_q and local_position_estimator


          ekf2 stop

          attitude_estimator_q start

          local_position_estimator start


      3. Manually arm quadrotor and attempt to switch to position control mode



      + The entire Intel RTF completely powers down almost instantaneously; not just AeroFC, the entire drone complete powers off!!.

      + I will note that it has just enough time to send a REJECT POSITION CONTROL message to QGroundControl.

      + This does NOT happen if the quad is NOT armed


      While it might be easy to disregard this as a PX4 problem, I disagree. Whatever PX4 is doing, it shouldn't be able to cause a complete power failure for the Intel RTF platform. Furthermore I am using a "vanilla" version of PX4 so it's not doing anything exotic.