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    GMA4500/ low frames per second/ and Visual imporvements


      I've been recently having problems with my laptop, nice midrange Vaio Love it , but after the first few months i got it my frame rate was 60-102 awesome performance i don't know why it was reaching 102 though im not complaining, over time i have upgraded to Windows 7 Home premium 64bit and its dam awesome no problems what so ever. and i did a random search to see my graphics card wasn't up to date RIGHT after i did that i noticed my frame rate was going 1 ! some times 5 and when gaming it goes a max of 7 so i went and upgraded my card through sony, there was little to no different and it got worse don't know how in frames it just lagged me to death so i tried some other methods of removing the driver and installing Intel's i failed after the first few tries until i remembered a weak flaw in windows theres always the vga driver as a backup with most Graphics cards so i installed over it and then installed intels over the vga one. and now im seeing ultimate performance boosts and less over heating im not getting the 'please make shure your card is up to date crap' though it says NOT to do this  the custom driver sony has i recently found out most laptops/pcs come with THIS driver installed and when you update them it gives you out of date custom crap so my word to you is if its not by intel and your having problems dump out the old and get the new...........Also windows is having problems rounding the refresh rate with monitors and Graphics cards so if its stuck on 59mhz some features in game such as vsync will be auto off and its also limiting frame rates find a way to fix this/Also im on opera masked as IE to post this so i couldn't space out the paragraphs./