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    Windows 7 on Gen 8 CPU (Coffee Lake)


      Hello, Ciany C tried to contact me but kept getting "undeliverable" when I tried to reply.  Hopefully the forum will allow a message to get thru:

      I am interested in purchasing a Generation 8 CPU (Coffee Lake). The official Intel chipset driver does not support windows 7.   Do you

      have an unofficial "chipset driver" for windows 7 ?    I am sure your driver team has a build that supports it.

      Thank you.

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          What part of "Windows 7 is NOT supported" didn't you understand?

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            Al Hill

            Also, why continue to try and run W7?  Use Windows 10 Pro, turn on Hyper-V, install W7 as a VM, and be happy with a supported environment.  It works extremely well,  There is no need to try and defeat the system and live in an UNSUPPORTED environment.


            If you are going to come back and say there is no driver for a custom/specific device from the manufacturer for W10, I would find a new device that is supported under W10.  You want to avoid the XP syndrome of years ago.  There has been more than ample time for new drivers and new devices that are supported.



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              Please microsoft, lighten up.  Surely a few people that want to continue using Windows 7 for a while will have no discernable effect on your bottom line.  You might want to ask yourselves if these heavy handed techniques might actually be more detrimental than profitable. 

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                Al Hill

                I am not Microsoft, nor am I Intel.


                You have to 2020 to use Windows 7, but not on 7th gen or later processors.


                You have a complaint about nothing less than Windows 10 on 7th gen and later processors?  Take your complaint to Microsoft.



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                  For anyone else interested in running Windows 7 on I7-8700 (Coffee Lake) (z370 chipset).

                  - The Intel chipset driver loads perfectly on Windows 7 even though the driver instructions shows support only for windows 10.

                  - I used a Gigabyte z370 HD3 mainboard because Gigabytes driver support is very good for windows 7.

                  - The processor heats to around 65C running prime95 and it turbo's to 4.3GHz.    Only needed a single radiator liquid cooler.

                  - Ripjaws DDR4 is running at 3600 rock solid.


                  The 8700 is a sweet processor. My only complaint is I wish Intel did not cripple the 8700 to run at 4.3GHz when all cores are used.  At 65degC it could easily support 4.6GHz on all cores.  I would have gotten the "K" version but I wanted the 60Watt Idle power (the "K" clocks at 3.6GHz at IDLE so it requires 90Watts at no load).   4.6GHz would really be helpful for multi-hour builds.

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                    Al Hill

                    "Gigabytes driver support is very good for windows 7"?

                    I see only Audio, LAN, and Sata Raid/AHCI available on the Gigabyte driver list.  It seems to be conspicuously missing the Graphics/Video driver, which is there for Windows 10.

                    So, what are you using for graphics?  Did you have some trouble with that?  Were you going to be honest with your post and point out the failures you had, or just lead people to think everything was perfect?


                    Jeff, you have not accomplished anything here.  You are still unsupported, both from Intel and Microsoft.  When you have a problem in the future, I hope you have the honesty to tell the support folks at Intel and/or Microsoft that you are using an unsupported configuration.  Or, maybe gigabyte will be able to provide you support.


                    It is not the bottom line at Intel or Microsoft that is the problem, Jeff.



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                      As for the Turbo setting, most BIOS implementations offer configuration parameters for controlling the Turbo multiplier used in the 1 Core, 2 Cores and All Cores situations. Go into BIOS Setup and see what configuration capabilities your BIOS offers. Remember too that you can use Intel's eXtreme Tuning Utility (XTU) to control these settings at runtime. I would hope that these settings are still available with using a non-K processor, but don't have any to check...


                      Hope this helps,