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    Windows 10 April update - Chrome - Intel graphics - freezing PC




      This is just a heads up to the Intel people and anyone else finding this.  There are a growing number of posts around the Internet that Windows 10 April update, along with Chrome and Intel graphics, is causing systems to freeze randomly when using Chrome.  The mouse pointer still moves, but nothing responds to the mouse or keyboard.  To avoid data loss and problems that a hard reboot may cause, you can get a working system again by sleeping the PC/Laptop, and bringing it back out of standby. 


      A temporary work around is to either use a different web browser, or disable hardware acceleration in Chrome (Settings, search for Hardware).  This may not necessarily be restricted to just using Chrome, it may be just Chrome is triggering the bug more often by utilising some functions in the graphics subsystem.


      So far this appears to only be affecting the more recent Intel graphics/CPUs.


      I had this problem within minutes of using an updated Windows 10 system.


      The Chrome people are on it 838809 - Chrome Freezes PC after windows April Update - chromium - Monorail