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    skype for business video


      I have the unite app server and hub working just fine.


      I have the skype for business app setup and working 90%.


      I joins see the calendar invite just fine when the invite is send.


      I can then join the unite meeting and see the skype meeting and join from my app.


      The hub then joins the meeting and my conference rooms goes blank and my client app will not connect the video in the conference room to the app??


      I even went into the xml file and told it to always join the video to meetings - still same result. 


      I have all the latest versions of the server and hub installed? 


      Anyone have any helpful suggestions.


      also, on the hub computer -when I am just using skype or any other conferencing software the camera is working like a dream.




      Thanks for any and all help.


      Kind Regards,


      Jim Beske