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    Upgrading a RAID1 disk

      One of the two disks in my RAID1 array is starting to act up a bit and so I thought I would consider replacing it before it actually experiences a hard failure.  While I'm doing this can I upgrade the size of the disk to something larger?  Currently there are two 250G drives.  I would like to end up with two 750G drives in a RAID1 array.  This is a Gateway desktop system with a ICH7R/DH controller and Windows 7.


      I think that I understand this well enough to know that I can't do this directly by just replacing the drives one at a time and rebuilding the array each time.  I have an additional open bay in my case.  Can someone tell me if this approach would succeed?


      • First, remove one of the two drives and allow the array to run with only one drive.

      • Install two new drives in the case
      • Reboot the system and create a new RAID1 array using only the two new drives
      • Restore a complete backup of the data on the original RAID array (including OS) from a server on my network
      • Delete the original RAID1 array


      If this seems overly tortured and there's an easier way, I'm always ready and willing to go with easy.


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