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    Help finding audio driver for 82801GDH

      My partner has an old HP Pavilion laptop (~5 years old, we think) w/WinXP that became corrupted from some kind of worm for which there was no treatment mentioned online.  She used a Dell WinXP install disk to perform a fresh install, but it didn't have the necessary drivers.  We've found the drivers for many components, but cannot get the audio system to work.


      The I/O Controller Hub is defined as: 0x8086:0x27D8 -- identified on QNX.com as a 82801GDH ICH7 (is that correct?) with an embedded audio subsystem.  I cannot find any drivers on the Intel website for that device.  She tried the Intel program to detect her components, but it would not run.  We tried installing the drivers for the 940GML and 945GM chipsets, but that failed with a notice that the system does not meet the minimum requirements.


      The HP website is useless, as there is no match for her laptop part number and none of the 38 Pavilion series that have pictures look like the "HP Pavilion" she has and there's no reference to that device on their site.


      Can anyone tell me how to get the audio working for that laptop?