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    HP 250 G6 - Intel 620 Driver Issue


      HI All,


      Hopefully a simple fix. I have a Hp 250 G6 laptop which connects to two Philips 223V monitors that i inherited when starting this job. The screens, Network, USB etc.. connect to the laptop via a Wavlink USB 2.0 docking station. These screen work ok and are better than just having a laptop screen but i seem to have an issue with colours being washed out. If i connect the screen directly to the laptop the colours are better as under Control Panel > Intel Graphics i have the option of changing the RGB to full.


      If I try and install the latest driver from Intel i get told that i need to go to the manufacturer but i have the latest version from them.


      If anyone can help get the colour and brightness so i don't have to wear sunglasses to work, it would be most appreciated. BTW, i am used to plugging screens in, adjusting the brightness through the screen options and then forgetting about it.