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    Black screen with Intel Graphic 4600 *Updated information*


      Hi, I've been trying to make my Intel HD Graphics 4600 on Windows 10 for the last two months.


      I have a ASUS G56jk , with an Intel HD Graphics 4600 and a Nvidia Geforce gtx 850m.


      I've formatted my PC, and I chose to install Windows 10 on it (I was previously using Windows 10 before some issues without any problems)


      The installation goes fine, but as soon as the Intel driver is installed, the screen goes black and never turn on again, not even on reboot.


      The only solution to make the screen come back is for me to boot in safe mode and uninstall or disable the Intel drivers.


      The problem is that Windows reinstall the driver as soon as it can via windows Update, and as soon as this happens, immediate black screen. So I'm currently stuck with a PC without a way to use my graphic design programs and games.


      I've tried to reinstall windows around 50 times. Every time it works for 1-2 days and after that screen goes black again. And also tried to install the drivers via the .exe, via the .zip and via the device manager, every time the result is the same: Immediate black screen.


      I've been searching online for the past month for a solution, so far nothing worked. Am I the only one with this problem? Do any of you have a solution?


                ********* Post update**********


      I connect my pc to an external monitor !

      On that screen I have my windows back clearly and without any problem !

      I have this issue only on my laptop screen.

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          You should be using the Intel and NVIDIA drivers that are found on the Asus downloads site. You should not be using the generic Intel or NVIDIA drivers from their download sites. Why? Because this is a laptop with a hybrid graphics solution. In almost all cases, the vendor has to modify the generic Intel and NVIDIA drivers to work with their hybrid solution (to allow switching from one to the other, etc.).


          Switch to the drivers on the Asus site.


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            Thank u for reading my question and answering.

            I've already done this .

            But as soon as I connect to network new updates of my Nvidia and Intel gpu drivers detects and download automatically ! Also whenever I install my Intel gpu driver screen goes black again !

            I had windows 10 with latest updates of my drivers for 8-9 months without any problem before some issues that pushed me to hold power button in middle of an after effects project rendering ! After that screen goes black and never came back except in safe mode or without my intel gpu driver !

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello, My_Sg. Thank you very much for sharing your issue with the Intel Communities Team. I will be more than glad to assist you.

              I can see that in specifications of your laptop the only operating system supported is Windows 8.1* and there are no drivers available for Windows 10* on their page. The only drivers available from our side are the 4963 which are generic. Also, make sure your BIOS is up to date.
              If the drivers provided do not solve the problem and there are drivers from the system manufacturer that were tested without good results, please get in touch with ASUS* Support.

              Antony S.