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    Server power question


      Hello! I was wondering of someone here could answer this question or point me in the right direction to find this info.  I use several Xeon dedicated servers in my business and am looking to upgrade a few of them. I was wondering if Xeon's performance increases with the model number? Say, a 5660 is more powerful than a 5500. Here is a list of some I already have:  Intel Xeon 5660 (just got this one yesterday) Intel Xeon-Nehalem 5570-Quadcore Harpertown Dual Xeon E5420 Harpertown Dual Xeon E5405 Intel Xeon-Harpertown 5430-Quadcore Intel Xeon-Harpertown 5410-Quadcore Intel Xeon-Woodcrest 5148-DualCore-LV  Are the servers above in the correct order from most powerful to least?  Also, I have a few Opteron servers as well:  SuperMicro H8QME-2 AMD Opteron DualCore Quad Processor Dual Core Opteron 8212 AMD Opteron 8346 HE  How do they compare to the Xeons as far as power is concerned?  Thanks for any help you can offer!