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    Dell XPS 8500 destop Win7 - Uninstall RST to dual boot with Linux?


      I'm new here and I hope this is the right forum for this question. I have 5-6 year old Dell XPS 8500 desktop PC, Win7 Home Premium, Core i7-3440 @ 3.40Ghz, 12Gb RAM, H77 chipset board, 32Gb SSD cache drive that is paired with a 2Tb HDD using Intel RST.

      I wanted to do a dual boot setup using Win7 with a Linux distribution. The problem is with this hybrid cache system, it's nearly impossible to do with Intel RST installed and running. I can boot up a live session of Linux using a USB flashdrive, but the Linux installer will crash when I try to install. It apparently doesn't 'see' or find any drive to install on. From what I understand, there is nothing installed on the 32Gb SSD, it is used merely as a read/write cache to boost overall system speed in conjunction with the 2Tg HDD.

      My BIOS is current at version A13.


      SECURE BOOT STATE is Disabled

      LOAD LEGACY OPROM is [Enabled]

      BOOT MODE is [Legacy]


      I've tried changing SATA MODE to AHCI through editing the Registry and going into the BIOS, but then Win7 won't boot up. So I changed everything back and booted up fine.


      Question: Is there any way to uninstall IRST fully and bypass the 32Gb SSD so Win7 boots directly from the 2Tb HDD? I don't care if my PC runs a bit slower without the 'benefits' of IRST & the 32Gb SSD caching system. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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