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    Adaptive brightness sensitivity issue, blinking due to blinking cursor in dark theme apps




      I often use dark themed IDEs for software development on my HP Laptop. Unfortunately, the adaptive brightness feature kicks in even when a small blinking cursor is visible on the screen. As a result, the brightness of the entire screen flickers with the cursor. A subtle effect, but quite annoying.


      I´ve been able to get around this issue by setting the overall power management setting to 'maximum performance'. Deactivation of various screen related power settings does not remove the issue.


      So, a couple of questions/requests:

      1) Am I able to enjoy some sort of balanced power management when running on battery, without this issue?

      2) Is this issue recognized already? Surely, the adaptive behaviour of the system can be tweaked so it is not sensitive to a few pixels kicking in and out?


      Thank you in advance,




      Intel system text file is attached for reference.


      Edit: System file in English attached