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    Intel DP976LT "green screen" problem


      Hi, I get a green/blue screen with lines when I turn on my computer. Instead of the usual BIOS loading, I see this screen.. It all started after I was trying to install a 3RD HD (IDE). Before the problem I had 1 SATA/1 IDE(SLAVE) HDDs installed perfectly. I was testing the 3RD HDD to see if it worked because it was laying around my room for a while, I guess it was broken. When I installed it and turned on the PC it hanged at the REGULAR bios screen. I then shut down, unplugged it and accidently knock some other component wiring out of it's place, but plugged them back in correctly. Then I turned on the PC and there I begin to get the green/blue screen with lines... I tried to removing the RAM invidiually but that didin't work. I came to the conclusion through Googling that has to do with my graphic card. I highly doubt that it died on it >_< and the fact that there was limited information on this problem. I guess not too many people get this problem ;[. If you can help me, please do because I regret trying to add a 3rd HD >_<. I would greatly appreciate it!

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          Test the motherboard out of the chassis, placed on a non-conductive surface like a newspaper, a magazine or something similar, and test with the minimum configuration possible, clear the CMOS removing the CMOS battery and all power cables from the power supply to the motherboard, leaving the system without power for 20 minutes at least and test again. Test another monitor and power supply and make sure that the video card is properly seated. Also test another slot if available. If possible test another video card.