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    Intel NUC no boot, click sound. no display


      I am having an INTEL NUC that was unused for some time. I successfully installed Ubuntu. After that, I formatted the hard drive as wanted only windows and tried installing Windows. I was partitioning and it got stuck on that screen for a while. I am not sure if I disconnected the power or it shut down automatically. Now it does not even come up.


      step 1: 1. NUC switches on.

      step 2: 3 blink of blue light followed by a click sound and then it goes off.


      It repeats again and again till I remove the power. No display on the screen


      Tried changing the hard drive. That is not an issue. memory or HDD should not be the issue as the same issue is seen even without installing both. No display with a simple Power on.Not even the boot menu is seen